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King Island Accommodation Guide

King Island Bed, Breakfast and EXTRAS!

That extra personal touch and attention to detail.

King Island CheeseKing Island  is a wonderful place for bed, breakfasts and for those special extras. King Islanders go out of their way to give that extra personal touch, attention to detail and create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; ideal for holiday makers just wanting time out.

Try the King Island Holiday Village for that special occasion,  guaranteed that we will look after you and make your stay at any of their properties a most pleasant and memorable one; your best interests are also their interests.

From a continental breakfast , bottles of champagne & King Island cheese platter on arrival (on request) to your own butler, cook and guide (on request), The staff at King Island Holiday Village aim to provide the guest with an experience that is truly memorable.

Whether you are seeking a quiet experience, a family holiday by the sea, a food and wine discovery break, a fishing holiday or a meandering couple of weeks on King Island's beautiful beaches, you will find the most flexible and affordable accommodation experience at King Island; one where everything is done to provide the highest standards of service and pampering to the guests. See the accommodation package below.

Accommodation and Breakfast Deals

King Island Accommodation Packages
When you make your reservation ask about the ways to make your visit extraordinary! Many accommodation houses on King Island are happy to supply you with a sumptuous King Island food/breakfast hamper to make your stay enjoyable - Excellent contemporary, King Island produce to tantalise your tastebuds!